Booking, Dispatching & Invoicing Management All In One.

Streamline your public transportation business by taking it online. With our platform, you can manage your company information, reservations, messages, customer details, and reports anytime, anywhere using an internet or mobile connection.


Simple and Efficient CMS

Our cutting-edge booking software is designed to significantly enhance ground transportation operations. By streamlining the booking process and overall efficiency.

Payment Gateway

Swiftly leverage your merchant account credentials for seamless payment acceptance and efficient transaction processing, ensuring a streamlined and secure customer experience.

Online Reservation

Designed to be device-agnostic, this software runs smoothly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, leveraging cloud technology to ensure seamless operation and performance.

What is iBookRides?

iBookRides offers a fast and efficient booking solution for limo and ground transportation companies. Our management system ensures seamless trip management, cost control, and significant growth in online transportation bookings. With distinctive features and an easy-to-use interface, our platform enhances the booking experience. We cater to both individual and corporate bookings, providing comprehensive administration services. Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction, and we offer customized plans to ensure affordability and maximize value for all clients.

Why Choose Us?

Easy trip booking for ground transportation companies.

Empower your clientele to effortlessly book trips directly with you, taking advantage of your exclusive rates and personalized pricing, anytime, and from any location. It’s as easy as setting up your company profile and distributing your customized RideConnections link across your website and various social media channels. Sit back and witness the influx of booking requests coming your way.

Who Is This Software For?

If you are in the business of moving people, iBookRides is for you.

  • Limousine Companies
  • Private Chauffeurs
  • Taxi companies
  • Car Service
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Vacation & Tourism Companies
  • Resort shuttles
  • Corporate Shuttles
  • Hotel Shuttles
  • Medical Transportation

How Doe’s This Work?

1. Register online and effortlessly establish your company, following a simple step-by-step process with just a few clicks.

2. Effortlessly embed your booking form into any webpage on your site, empowering your customers to create bookings with ease

3. Experience real-time booking notifications as your esteemed customers secure their reservations.

4. Efficiently manage and delegate incoming bookings to designated drivers, followed by invoicing customers upon successful service fulfillment.

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