Booking Completion

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the process of completing a booking. Once you have provided service to a customer and received payment, you will have the option to mark the booking as complete.

(i) The steps to complete a booking are as follows:

  1. Access the booking details for the customer you served.
  2. Look for the option to “Mark As Paid”.
  3. You will be prompted at the same time to “Mark As Complete”. In some cases, if you charge a customer in advance then you can ignore the “Mark As Complete” button and come back later and complete the booking after serving your customer.

(ii) It is important to complete a booking for the following reasons: If you fail to “Mark As Complete” a booking, the charged amount will not be reflected in your revenue report. This means that the amount will remain pending and will not be added to your total earnings until it is marked as completed. By completing the booking, you ensure that your revenue report accurately reflects the amount you have earned.