Efficient Payroll Management System: Simplifying Drivers and Partners Compensation.

Our meticulously crafted payroll system has been designed with the utmost care, ensuring seamless management of financial transactions involving your drivers, local affiliates, and global partners. Whether it’s payments owed to them or vice versa, our system streamlines the process for your convenience.

When the end of the month arrives and it’s time to compensate your dedicated team members, navigating our platform is a breeze. Simply access the Revenue menu and select the “Payroll” option. Within this section, locate the top-left corner to designate the specific partners, drivers, local affiliates, and global affiliates relevant to your transaction. Then, refine your search by specifying the desired start date and end date using the search filter. Once your criteria are set, initiate the process by clicking the “Submit” button.

The results will promptly appear, showcasing the meticulously calculated due amounts for each trip. These are the payments to be disbursed to your valued partners and drivers. Our system even empowers you to effortlessly generate and save invoices, all within the dynamic framework of your portal. This functionality extends to your partners and drivers as well, as they gain the capability to access the same information. With a simple glance, they can review all their trips, along with the corresponding total amounts due from your end.

Experience the synergy of effective payroll management, where financial interactions become a seamless endeavor. Our system not only empowers your business operations but also ensures transparency and ease of access for your esteemed partners and drivers.