Vehicle Blackout

If you find yourself facing a situation where one or more of your vehicles are currently inoperable, we recommend accessing the “Manage Vehicle” menu. Within this menu, you can navigate to the individual vehicle settings and choose the option labeled “Blackout.” Enabling this feature will serve as a helpful reminder to your staff, ensuring that they do not mistakenly assign the under-maintenance vehicle.

To address the issue of inoperable vehicles, we recommend accessing the “Manage Vehicle” menu, where you can make necessary adjustments. Specifically, selecting the desired vehicle settings and activating the “Blackout” option will effectively alert your staff members against inadvertently assigning the vehicle undergoing maintenance.

Furthermore, within the same configuration, you have the capability to switch the vehicle status from active to inactive. By doing so, the under-maintenance vehicle will be completely removed from the booking page accessible to your dispatcher and staff members. This ensures that they will not encounter the vehicle during the assignment process.