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iBookRides is an indispensable platform for any livery provider, offering a diverse range of features, adaptability, and accessibility on any device. By utilizing this platform, you can boost productivity and foster business growth effectively.


Created with the limo industry in mind, our fast and straightforward booking process, coupled with a feature-rich dashboard, is tailored to give you a competitive edge against even the most prominent national brands.


Our Passenger Web App simplifies the process for our clients to offer their travelers the convenience of booking rides, managing accounts, and adding credit cards—all with just a single tap on any mobile device.


Your drivers can now utilize our cutting-edge, complimentary driver applications, enabling them to instantly receive, handle, and conclude their trips in real-time, setting a new standard in the industry


Revenue Reports are presented in an intuitive and informative manner. Gain insights into your business growth by viewing reports categorized by month, year, and vehicle type, providing you with a clear understanding of your business.


Elevate your invoicing experience with our online platform, offering effortless control in customer billing. Tailor your approach by choosing between individual invoices or bundling multiple trips into concise monthly statements.


Admin Dashboards

A highly customizable dashboard to get a high-level operational overview.
User Access Controls
Assign and control granular access levels to multiple users of the admin panel.

Instant Booking Confirmations
Receive instant email notifications for new online bookings. Ability to fully customize booking confirmation emails.

Manual Dispatch
Option to manually handle booking requests by your dispatch team.

Driver/Admin Management
Add and manage the entire network, their payouts, feedback, and more.

Manage Tariffs
Configure the ride fare calculation settings, bill generation, etc.

Shared Inventory
Maximize productivity by sharing vehicles across multiple same-time routes – without the risk of overbooking.

Track Airline Flight Arrival and Departure Details
List relevant airlines and collect customer flight details for better tracking.

Payments Management
Manage accounts, payment gateways, payment methods, commissions, and more.

Promotions Management
Set up and run promo codes and discount offers.

Zone Management
Define your area of operations from an easy-to-use interface with map support.

Booking Software

Grow Your Revenue with Our Online Reservations Tools. Create Clients, and corporate clients, Track your Drivers, vehicles, and much more.
Generate invoices and track their payment status, and never miss a due charge again for your past served runs Due amount.

Track Your rides in progress, scheduled, completed, and more.

Feature Rich Dashboard
Built with the limo industry in mind, Our fast and easy booking process with feature-rich functionalities was never that easy before.

Mobile Responsive
Let your clients book in three simple steps and see the trips in your dashboard instantly. Allow your customers to check the prices of their choice of vehicle, Request availability, and book on the go.

Real-time Requests
Drivers get notified of new requests with pickup details.


Create logins for drivers to view only their scheduled routes and passenger manifests.

Individual Customers
Solo site users can create their own accounts.

Corporate Customers
Companies & Organizations can create an account to book for their employees.


Create logins for drivers to view only their scheduled routes and passenger manifests.

Real-time Requests
Drivers get notified of new requests with pickup details.

Trip Information
Drivers get essential details about their passengers for a seamless pickup and drop.

Accept Cash Payments
Chauffeurs can mark a payment as cash after a trip’s completion when needed.

Rate Passengers
Drivers also get an option to rate the passengers after the completion of a successful trip.

Accept/Reject a booking
The driver can accept or reject a booking upon receiving a booking request from the admin.


“Rates” are the backbone of any ground transportation company’s booking software.

Full control of price setup
Every limousine or other transportation company mostly depends on the price quoting to their customers before they provide service, we understand there are different natures of transportation businesses and their rates vary. You have full control of rate settings to tailor your own rates based on the services you provide to your clients.

Hourly Rates
Set hourly rates per service type per hour and per vehicle type.

Zone-to-Zone Rates
Zone-to-zone rates are another useful rate setup tool when hourly rates don’t work for the service type you are providing.

Distance Based Rates
Customize rates per kilometer with the help of google maps for each vehicle/service type and reduce the workload of your employees.

Vehicle Management

With vehicle management functionality you can upload your own fleet images with descriptions and display them to your frontend booking form which gives a better understanding to your customers about what type of fleet you have to offer them.

Owned/Non-Owned vehicles
We know how limousine companies work around their own fleet or with their affiliates and their owned vehicles. Sounds confusing? but it’s not, after a lot of case studies we brought a very useful feature to our users to differentiate between their own and an affiliate’s vehicle at the time of assigning a vehicle to any run on your run list our booking system will instantly notify your dispatchers.

This tool allows you to notify your admins and dispatchers if any of your vehicles are out of service or under maintenance.

Revenue Report

Do you want to know how much revenue was earned this month? Was this month better than last week/month/year?
Send Invoices to your customers/corporate customers for an individual run or multiple runs selected and track them later for paid and non-paid invoices.

Card Transactions
See the list of all credit card transactions per client, refund, and partial refund amount.

Global Affiliates

Grow your business by connecting to our growing network of online ground transportation companies and advertise your company around the globe with no effort.

The easy and simple way for you to find and work with other iBookRides customers.

Build up your presence on our network and become a preferred supplier for other iBookRIdes customers in your home market.

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