Travel by air – the best option for long journeys

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September 11, 2019

Air travel is the fastest mode of transport. It is only because of the high speeds and low operating costs of airplanes, that today commercial air travel has become a huge industry. A massive expansion of this industry took place in the second half of the 20th century. Air travel has increased a lot in recent decades. The high speed of aircraft led to the first nonstop flights over the oceans, poles,and continents.

A brief history of air travel – Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright are credited with the first successful flights. The development of “heavier than air airplanes” gave a major Philip to the progress of aviation. Along with the passage of time, the size, complexity and duration of flights kept on increasing. Aircrafts were not untouched by the digital revolution,and it led to the development of highly advanced aircrafts since the 1980s. The 21st century has seen fuel diversification and advancements in technologies which use less fuel.

DELAG was the world’s first airline. We all know about the expanse of the British empire in the 1920s. The British regularly used air transport to link the various parts of their far-flung empire. The Imperial Airways started flights in Africa and the Middle East. The French, Germans, Dutch and the Russians also made rapid progress in the field of the air travel business. KLM, Avianaca, Qantas and Czech Airlines are the world’s oldestairlines. British Airways,the successor of Air Transport and Travel Ltd, was one of the pioneers of the European air travel industry. Apart from Europe air travel also took roots in North America, South America,and Asia.

Airports – an essential part of airtravelToday air travel is a booming industry. In 2017, 4.1 billion passengers traveled by air in 41.9 million commercial flights over 1890 km. Like other businesses,the aviation industry is also driven by consumer demands and customer satisfaction. With the advancement of technology customer demands and needs are also increasing. Business travel has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. This is because of increasing incomes and cost-effective airline services. Commuters are preferring air travel than other modes of transportation. Apart from the flight services, airports across the world are undergoing upgradation,andthe services offered at the airports have also improved to a large extent. Smart airports are the latest examples of this process. Transportation to and from the airports isalso an important part of the whole journey. Passengers look for transportation services which not only save time and money, but are comfortable as well. A limo to airport service is one of them. It is ideal forbusinessmen, corporate executives and other such people who generally prefer availing corporate car services. iBookRides offers such services. It is a leading transportation and airport ground transportation provider in Toronto, the GTA and all of southern Ontario. It also provides a limo to Pearson airport.

Everyone wants a stylish, comfortable and safe flight. Apart from that, your transport to the airport matters as well. You need to plan it well before you begin your journey.

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